Star Watermark Gallery

Interfaces Gallery

(1) Star Watermark Main Interface:

Star Watermark main interface

(2) Star Watermark Edit Template Interface:

Star Watermark Edit Template interface

(3) Star Watermark Preference Interface:

Star Watermark General Setting

Watermarks Gallery

(1) Watermark Demo Image With IMAGE Watermarking:                          (2) Watermark Demo Image With TEXT Watermarking:

Demo Photo with image Watermarking      Demo Photo with text Watermarking.(cover effect)

(3)Choose the font and size of watermark as your will:

how to make watermark

(4)Watermark can be placed in any place:

add watermark to photo

(5)Adjust transparency of watermark:

add watermark for photo

(6)Watermark effect(use Add Shadow, Fill Text color and Draw edge function):

add watermark

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