star photo watermark 4.0 is released, new UI, more Stable.

star photo/pdf watermark has support macos 13 Ventura, pls download latest version.

star photo watermark has support HEIF/HEIC/HEVC photos on Windows and macOS, pls download latest version.

Save Time

With batch mode, enabling users to set watermark template parameters once and reuse them multiple times.

More Styles

With watermark editing feature, enabling users to set various styles such as gradients, strokes, cover and 3D.

Multiple Platform

Both photo watermark and pdf watermark tools have Mac and Windows edition, and keep consistent interface style.

Customer Support

Have any questions, please feel free to contact us in 24 hours. With fast image hosting by Evolution Host. to find tutorials quickly.

Star Watermark Overview

Star Watermark is a powerful and user-friendly tool for adding watermarks to your photos. With this program, you can easily add text and image watermarks to your photos in bulk. Additionally, you have the option to digitally sign your work, photos, graphics, or artwork to protect them. By adding your company logo to all your images, you can effectively build your brand and prevent unauthorized use of your work in advertisements or on the web. Take the necessary step to protect your images by adding a copyright watermark now.

photo watermark for macOS
photo watermark for PC

Star PDF Watermark Overview

Star PDF Watermark is a powerful tool designed for batch PDF watermarking. It enables you to add text or image watermarks to every page of an Acrobat PDF file. This includes the ability to add signatures, company names, or logos to protect the copyright of your PDF files. You have full control over customization options such as watermark rotation, transparency, text size, text color, position, text shadow, and more in your PDF documents. With the batch mode feature, you can efficiently add one watermark to multiple PDF documents simultaneously.


Other features

Output Preview

When edit text/image watermark template, you can add photos or pdf files to preview the result effect before processing.

Customize Watermark

More options to customize text/image watermark like rotation, transparency, text Size, text color, position, text shadow and so on.

Multiple Languages

Mac photo watermark or PDF watermark software include english, german, french portuguese, and japanese languages.


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I was very happy to find this app but the rotation button is extremely hard to set and its numbers keep disappearing and it's hard to see...

Nice job of star pdf watermark for mac, the free edition could meet my working requirement. Thx



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