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How to Add Background to Watermarks with Star Watermark

Adding watermarks to your images is crucial for protecting your intellectual property and ensuring proper attribution. However, simply adding text or logos as watermarks may not always be sufficient. To enhance the visibility and aesthetic appeal of your watermarks, you can add backgrounds using Star Watermark. Let's explore how you can add background to watermarks with Star Watermark.

Why Add Watermarks with Backgrounds

Watermarks play a vital role in protecting your images from unauthorized use and infringement. They serve as a visual reminder of ownership and discourage others from misusing your work. By adding backgrounds to your watermarks, you can make them more prominent and visually appealing. This not only makes it harder for individuals to remove or alter the watermark but also enhances the overall presentation of your images.

Three Simple Steps to Add Background to Watermarks

Step 1: Download and Open Star Watermark

Start by downloading and installing Star Watermark on your computer. Once installed, open the software and import the images you want to watermark. Star Watermark supports batch processing, allowing you to add watermarks to multiple PNG, JPEG, BMP, and other image formats simultaneously.

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Step 2: Customize Watermark with Background

In the left sidebar of the software interface, double-click on the desired watermark template to open the "Edit Watermark Template" window. Modify the sample text watermark to your desired text or logo. To add a background to your text watermark, select the "Background" checkbox and adjust the background color. Additionally, you can experiment with other watermark effects such as borders, 3D effects, gradients, and more to further customize your watermark.

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Step 3: Preview and Apply Watermarks

Click the "Preview" button on the toolbar to preview the watermark effect before applying it to your images. Once you are satisfied with the result, click the "Start" button to initiate the batch watermarking process. Star Watermark will apply the customized watermarks with backgrounds to all the selected images.

With Star Watermark, you can easily add backgrounds to your watermarks, making them more visually appealing and effective in protecting your images. Take control of your intellectual property and enhance the presentation of your work. Don't wait any longer. Download Star Watermark now and experience the power of customized watermarks with backgrounds.

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