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How to Batch Compress Images with Star Watermark

Images are an integral part of today's online world. Whether it's for websites, blogs, or social media, using optimized images is crucial for a smooth user experience and improved website performance. One effective way to achieve this is by compressing your images. Let's explore how you can easily compress multiple images using Star Watermark.

Why Compress Images

Image compression plays a vital role in website performance and storage optimization. Compressed images have smaller file sizes, leading to faster load times and reduced bandwidth usage. This results in improved user experience, reduced bounce rates, and better search engine rankings. Additionally, compressing images helps save valuable disk space and allows for easier sharing and uploading on various platforms.

Four Simple Steps to Compress Images

Step 1: Download and Open Star Watermark

Start by downloading and installing Star Watermark on your computer. Once installed, open the software to begin the compression process.

star watermark windows edition

Step 2: Add Images

In the software interface, click on the "Add Photos" button to select and add the images you want to compress. Star Watermark supports various image formats, including PNG, JPEG, BMP, and more. You can add multiple images at once, allowing for efficient batch compression.

Step 3: Set Target File Size

In the toolbar, find and click on the "Resizing Setting" option. A window will appear, allowing you to specify the target file size for your compressed images. Enter the desired size in kilobytes (KB) to achieve the optimal balance between image quality and file size.

star watermark windows configure resizing

Step 4: Start Compression

If you don't require watermark text on your images, you can leave the "Edit Watermark Template" window blank or enter a space character. Then, click the "Start" button in the toolbar to initiate the compression process. Star Watermark will compress your images according to the specified file size, ensuring optimal website performance and storage efficiency.

With Star Watermark, you can easily compress multiple images in just a few simple steps. Don't let large image file sizes slow down your website or consume unnecessary disk space. Download Star Watermark now and experience efficient image compression.

Download Star Watermark and start compressing your images today!

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