Support for macOS Catalina 10.15

Little settings of Star Watermark on macOS Catalina

The latest Star Watermark supports Apple latest macOS Catalina. Please download and install the latest Star Watermark (photo) or Star PDF Watermark.


Since the macOS Catalina system further restricts third-party software access to user directory permissions, to be able to store information such as watermark templates, our software needs to access the Documents folder. This is 100% secure and many other software use permissions such as Google Chrome.



•    First, if you are downloading and installing the software for the first time, after opening the software, macOS Catalina will pop up a permission prompt box to allow access to the document. Please click Allow.

access Documents permission
•    Second, if you have already installed the software before, you will not see the previous watermark template after opening the software. Please confirm that Star Watermark has been granted access to the documentation. Do as follows:

    1. Open System Preferences,
    2. Click Security and Privacy,
    3. Click Privacy,
    4. Select "Files and Folders" in the list on the left and confirm that Star Watermark is allowed to access the "Document Folder".


watermark template missing on Catalina

Documents privacy setting