Add Copyright Symbol to Photos as Watermark

How to Put a Copyright Symbol on Images with Star Watermark for Mac ?

Many watermarks users choose star watermark image software to protect their images, they watermarking images with a copyright symbol (©) or their logo. Star Watermark is the best free watermark photos software on macOS and Windows. If you plan to add a copyright to your image or stamp watermark for your photos, choose Star Watermark program is a very good way!

  1. First free download Star Watermark software

    Launch Star watermark, then double click watermark template to open "Edit Watermark Template", if you don't know how to edit one watermark template, please see here first: How to start with star watermark? Then coming back.

  2. Edit watermark text

    Copy copyright symbol © and other words to text, then choose font, color and size of the watermarks, put watermarks in a suitable place, such as center center or bottom left, or rotate the watermarks to applicable angle. Then press Enter key to apply text watermark. see screenshot as below:

    add Copyright Symbol
  3. Preview

    Here is one sample image with Copyright Symbol and gradient color.

    preview copyright text watermark sample