Quick Start Tutorial

Anti wateramrk remover with Star (pdf) Watermark for Mac

With Star Watermark for Mac, you could add some complex watermarks to your photos to anti some remover watermarking software, or watermark remover tools, such as photoshop, ACD and so on. Star Watermark could create not only text watermarks but also image watermarks. Additionally, you could shadow, rotation, stroke effects and transparency to watermarks on your needed anti watermark remover photos. Add this watermark is very simple with Star Watermark for Mac, Step as follow: 1. Double Click appliction icon to launch Star Watermark for Mac. 2. Double Click one watermark template on program main interface, such as "Demo 1". 3. Ok, on the left of "Edit Template" dialog, there are a few options to setting, you could setting any complex watermark as you like to protect your photos without watermark remover. OK, Enjoy It!