Why we need batch watermark photos?

Now more and more people use watermarking software to protecting photo copyright. With watermark software, users can add text, web address, image,company logo or other individual marks(such as signature) to their photos, to protect photo copyright has become an easy and normal action for users. But if you have many photos, and you need add watermarks to all photos, think you will boring, and it will cost you too much time if you add watermark to photos one by one. Don’t worry, we have a good solution: batch watermark photos, watermarking with batch mode can solve this problem.


Watermarking hundreds of Photos Within 1 Minute!

Watermarking hundreds of Photos only need 1 minute! Star Watermark software support the batch mode. Add Watermarks to Photos in the Batch Mode can save you a lot of time.

Star Watermark for Mac have Batch watermark function!

Star Watermark software is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to watermark your images, photos and graphics. Star Watermark is an essential tool for anyone with a digital camera, professionals and beginners or graphic artist on Mac OS X. With the watermarking software free version, you could add TEXT watermark for your photos, With the watermark software purchased version, you can add not only TEXT watermark, but also IMAGE watermark to your photos. With the image watermarking software, you could digitally sign your work/photos/graphic/artwork and claim and maintain the recognition you deserve. With the batch photo watermarking program, You could build your company brand, by having your company logo on all your images. So, choose Star Watermark Software to batch watermark your photos is a very good choice.


How to batch add Watermarks to photos with Star Watermark?

How to batch add watermarks to photos with Star Watermark? You can watermark many photos once. Batch add Watermarking, save your time, It’s very fast, and easier to use. Now let’s batch add Watermarks to photos.

Open Star watermark, Click Add File button, then choose your photos(such as 10picture, or 20pictures,or more),

batch watermarking


Click Output Preview button, see the effect.

watermarkings software


If ok, click Processing button, then batch add watermarking successful!

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