What is a watermark? How can I add a watermark to my photos on Mac OS X?


Adding a text or image watermark is a common way of identifying photos and protecting photos from unauthorized use online. This article we will learn how to create an effective watermark and apply it to your digital photos or art work. The following photo is watermarked by Star Watermark for Mac. You could see the watermarking text "Star Watermark" on the bottom-right.

Watermark Photo Example

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What is a Watermark?

A watermark is a visible embedded overlay on a digital photo consisting of text, a logo, or a copyright notice. The purpose of a watermark is to identify the photo and discourage its unauthorized use. Though a visible watermark can't prevent unauthorized use, it makes it more difficult for those who may want to claim someone else's photo or art work as their own.

How to Watermark Photo/Pictures

So now that we've discussed what a watermark is, you may be wondering how to put a watermark in your Photos or personal pictures. With Star Watermark for Mac software, you could watermark photos, or pictures individually or in batch mode for multiple images. Star Watermark for Mac freeware is the specialized tools designed for watermarking many photos at once.

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