Add watermark to digital photos

Watermarking digital photos with Star Watermark for Mac

Our company sell ESD products, as we have many products, so I spent lots of time for take photos for our products. But one day I found my picture appear at one ESD company website, I’m so angry and sad, I spent so much time! Buy they steal it and use it freely!

How can I prevent this thing happen again? I have to protect my image! So I think I need watermark my photo, I can add text to my photos. How to watermark? Then I serach many watermark software for mac. I try free watermarking software at the beginning, I tried several watermark software, I found the software : star watermark for mac works very well, it’s easy to use.The best is star watermark have Batch Watermark Photos function. It can watermark pictures quickly, save time! I wanted use more function, So I bought it, The price is only $17.50, worth it!

preview text watermark sample