Why Choose Star Watermark for Mac?

★Protect your copyrights by adding a visible watermarks

With Star Watermark software, you can protect your photos copyright. You can use company logo, your name or your website as watermarks to protect your photo or art work. So without your permission, no one can copy it or use it.


Add watermark to label photos status

What status of your photo? Is the photo have specially meaning, want to label? Date, person,where… Using Star Watermark software, you can label them easily.


★Types of watermarks

•      Text – design a text as a watermarks, such as your name, company name, date, time, email address etc.
•      Image –design a image as a watermarks, such as company logo, yourself photo, supports various image formats.
•      Text and Image together - supports a text and a image together as a watermaks, you can design a text and a image, then put them on photo together.


★Create watermarks easily

You can design and create the watermarks as your will, and it’s very easy to design, you can visit:
How to add Text Watermarks to photos with Star Watermark?
How to add photo Watermarks to photos with Star Watermark for Mac?

★Powerful watermarks setting

•      Supports all kinds of font, font size, text color, text style, add shadow, Fill text, draw edge and repeat to cover image.
•      Supports image watermarks with various image formats (eg. JPEG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PNG, BMPimage formats).
•      Supports watermarks at any position on the page(use Location and Offset button).
•      Support Rotates watermarks to any angle.
•      Supports Transparency (transparent watermarks) for text and images. 


★Save Your Time

Star watermark software support Batch Watermark Photos, Fast speed and Good quality. Using watermarks DEMO or those created by yourself, you can batch add watermark to a group of photos at one time, spend less time on the process.


★Our photo watermark software support all popular photo formats


★Easy-to-use and Pretty Interface

Excellent User Interface And Easy to Use, Such as Drag and Drop, Double Click to Edit Template.


★Cheap price, Save Your Money 

Star Watermark for Mac is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to watermarks your images. We have free version, our software is a very good free watermark software for Mac.And Purchased version costing only $18.99(Lifetime Free Updates)! With the watermark software free version, you could add TEXT watermarks to your photos, With the watermark software purchased version, you can add not only TEXT watermarks, but also IMAGE watermarks to your photos!


Our Photo Watermark software Screenshots

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