Star Watermark Support Center

Getting Started Tutorials

Step 1:Launch Star Watermark Program

Star Watermark Main Interface

First, double-click the application directory in the "Star Watermark" icon to start the program. Started, you will see the main interface as follows:
In this interface, you will see a toolbar that contains some buttons on the top two default template on the left, and one for displaying the loaded image file list.

Step 2:Edit your custom template

Star Watermark Edit Template Interface

Double-click the left "Demo1" or "Demo 2" to open the "Edit Template dialog box", or select below the "Add Template" menu item to open the dialog box:
OK, now you can set up your various operations for the option in the left panel, such as selecting text watermark panel, you can set the text content, size, color, position, angles, shadows and so on. Select the image watermark panel, you can add a watermark image in your image in need of protection, and the angle of the watermark image and location.

Step 3:Setting output options

Star Watermark Preference Interface

Double-click the "Preferences" button on the toolbar to open the control panel:
In the "General" tab, you can set the output directory, output file suffix, the output format.

Step 4:Watermarking Time

Star Watermark Toolbar

(1) Add files: you have 2 ways to add files, drag and drop files directly into an application program interface, and the other is through the toolbar "Add Files" button to browse the file and add.

(2) Preview Results: Prior to watermark these pictures, you can preview the output image after adding the watermark. Here, you also have 2 ways to open the Preview dialog box, click the "Output Preview" button or double-click a source file.

(3) Start processing: Now, click in the toolbar's "Start Processing" to begin watermark all the source files.

Step 5:View Watermarked Photos in Output Folder

After processing finished, the app will open output folder automatically, and you could find the output folder by click "Prefercence" on the toolbar and find "Output Folder" textfield.